Thursday, August 7, 2014


Books are a daily staple in this household and in an attempt to foster a love of good literature we've started reading the likes of Frog and Toad, Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle, Where the Sidewalk Ends and more. 

It's fun to relive some of my childhood through these stories and poems. I loved Shel Silverstein and decided my kids were ready for his humor. Each kiddo has their own favorite poem and for a season, Coco begged to read The Yipiyuck over and over again. And again. Just in case you've never had the pleasure...

Then, a few days after we'd first read the poem, it started. Cooc began telling me, "Mommy, I have yipiyuck in my diaper!" Any trash or unwanted food was instantly dubbed a, "Yipiyuck." When I change her diaper and it's just wet she tells me, "Nooooo yipiyuck in my diaper!" Coco came in from outside without shoes on and had some dirt, I mean, yipiyuck on her toe. 

So, yipiyuck is now officially a part of our family vocabulary. Permanently. Thank you Shel Silverstein!

P.S. Dad, don't worry. I'll start them on C.S. Lewis and Tolkein before too long, but you may need to come over and do all the voices like you did for me when I was a preschooler. 

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