Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Sweet & Spunky

If you are wondering which one is sweet and which one is spunky...don't be fooled! Chloe and Jack are mix of both! 

Yesterday Jack was squirrelly from a long morning of preschool and such and was in desperate need of a good park to let out energy. We were in an elevator and all he wanted to do was push every button. I said, "Jack-o-lack!" and secretly rolled my eyes, to which he responded, "I'm just trying to be a little rascal." No need to try my friend. :) We both had a good laugh.

Chloe, for her part, likes to "request" her special treat of "o's" that I hid on top of the refrigerator. If she's not a fan of the menu, she will point up to the refrigerator and fuss. Oy. If I do bring them down, she's suddenly happy as a peach. Chloe cries and waves when Dada and Jack leave to go anywhere and she gives the best hugs. And Jack brings her toys to play with and always asks, "Can Chloe come too?" Sweet kiddos.