Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Up High

Sarah Beth usually writes these lovely blog posts, but Matt thought it was his turn for a change. We'll see how many of you regret reading on!

Jack loves to go "up high." That means I throw him as high in the air as (a) the ceiling allows, or (b) my arms allow, or (c) other kinfolk allow ("Oh, careful!"). At an Erdel family gathering a few months ago, a certain Peter Ringenberg was there to take family pictures. During some photography which we weren't involved in, Jack asked to go up high, so I started tossing him. (It's an excellent way to keep him out of trouble, at least for the few moments he's in the air.) Peter, ever the clever photographer, snapped a few.

This is how "up high" usually goes — that is, happily:

If asked, I'm sure our KPC friends will tell you Jack kicks his legs furiously while up high. But not all up highs are quite so blithe. Sometimes Jack is ejected a bit awkwardly, and then this happens:

I'll have you know that I've never dropped him, or hit his head on a ceiling, or caught him in a painful way. If asked, I'm sure Jack will tell you the same.


PS For the record, the bystanders in the pictures were not compensated for their excellent reactions to Jack's Evil Knievel routine. However, Peter Ringenberg was, and for good reason: for my money, he's one of the best photographers in the South Bend area, and quite reasonably priced. Check him out here.