Monday, December 5, 2011

Monday Morning

My little alarm clock woke me with sweet chattering early this morning. Mommy forgot to put a night-time diaper on last night and Jack had soaked through two of three pj layers—so into the bathtub he went! We played with little people and a boat and a watering can and played catch with a bath ball. Then, it happened. A stray ball flew and hit one of the shampoo bottles. Jack died laughing and a new game began—bathtub bowling! Over and over and over again we knocked down bottles. Jack and Mommy were soaked. The bathroom floor was soaked. But it was worth every moment of clean-up to watch Jack almost drown from laughing so hard. 30 minutes of fun later, wrapped up in a blanket of towels, Jack hugged and hugged me as if to say, "I love Monday mornings, Mommy."

Me too, Jack. Me too.