Sunday, October 30, 2011

Big Helper

Jack is my big helper. He helps put the laundry in the hamper, washer, or dryer. He puts away his shoes, books, and toys (ahem, sometimes on the toys!). He loves to help make smoothies, bread, pizza dough, or most recently soft pretzels. He is very into washing dishes these days. He loves to help open doors with keys. He loves to carry things for us. He loves to put the camera cap on the lens. He loves to help Daddy outside with the patio or any other DIY project. He gets ridiculously excited about the vacuum cleaner; unwinding the cord, pushing the vacuum, and wanting to plug it into the wall (yikes!). He loves to push the stroller BY HIMSELF on long walks. Jack helps me at the grocery store, putting produce in the bags or into the cart or onto the conveyor belt. He loves to pay the cashier where ever we go and he'll even put my credit card or change back into my wallet. He loves to put groceries away in the refrigerator and then tries to 'rearrange' it for me. He loves to throw things away in the trash can for us. He loves to flush the toilet (we really have to monitor this one!). I try to get all the help I can get while it's still 'fun.' :)

Helping with dishes while mommy makes breakfast:

We'll call this 'rolling' out soft pretzel dough:


And finally, vacuuming:

Jack, I love having you by my side all day!

Little Lewis

Peter Pan

Monday, October 24, 2011


A few pictures from the past year...

Jack gives spontaneous, affectionate hugs and gives sweet kisses (when asked). He brings me his shoes and coat and runs to the door many times a day. Jack would live outside if we'd let him! He loves to be chased by daddy and rescued by mommy. Firetrucks, tractors, trains and cars are his favorites. Snakes, tigers, dogs, cats, camels, and monkeys are his favorite animals. He's 34 inches tall...29+ lbs., loves the park, long walks to the river, the zoo, gymnastics, swimming, reading books by the dozens, and knows exactly what he wants. He carries around a set of keys like a security blanket. He observes the world around him with fascination. Jack wakes up with a plan in mind for the day and does his best to carry it out! He's two. He's delightful. We are thankful and blessed by our son.